Has anyone else noticed how many ant hills there are this year? I haven’t seen this many ant hills in previous years so I’m curious if it’s some kind of Year of the Ant or something. Not all of the ant hills seem to have ants either. There’s just loads and loads of the little dirt piles wherever I walk.

Last week was a much more relaxing week than I normally have. I suppose it was good to have time to get back into the real world after vacation. I walked at Jewel Wetlands, which I hadn’t done in at least a year. Last time I was there it was winter and everything was dead and now there are green leaves, birds hopping around, blooms, and bunnies. I enjoyed myself. I finished reading two books this past week and worked on a new cross stitch, which is coming out lovely. I video chatted with Kayla, Shari, and Elisabeth too.

Saturday morning Shari and I met up with my cousin, Amanda, and her husband, Zach at the City Park Farmers Market. It was opening day! It was way more crowded than I expected but I still had a good time. I was mostly there for the company, anyway. I had wanted to sign up for a peach subscription but the peach farm wasn’t there and according to a market helper, will not be there this year. Bummer. I’ll have to go back in June and see if other peach farms have made the trek and if their peaches are good. I got myself a breakfast sandwich, cinnamon roll, and pickled dilly beans and so loved getting to catch up with Amanda again.

On Sunday, Shari and I went to the Botanic Gardens because we wanted to catch the last of the lilacs (they have an entire little garden of lilac bushes there). While some of the bushes were past their prime, there were plenty that were in full bloom and smelled divine. I also wanted to see the irises because I thought they would have bloomed by now but there were a decent amount that hadn’t. Still, I saw plenty of beautiful irises as well as other flowers and plants, including some gorgeous peonies. Omg, how can peony plants produce such giant, bright flowers? It’s mind blowing.

After the gardens we headed over to a comic book meetup where Mel brought orange cupcakes (she’s testing them out for the Our Flag Means Death party I’m having on Sunday). She even made them vegan just for me. How lucky am I to have friends like that? Answer: incredibly lucky. I enjoyed myself at the meetup as we discussed comics, movies, and life in general. It was a warm and sunny day and I got to spend it with people I love being around so I had no complaints.

Then, yesterday evening, I made Elisabeth and Shari go outside and watch the lunar eclipse. Thank you universe for allowing it to be at 9:30pm last night because it meant I didn’t have to try to stay up late. It was neat to watch and I’m glad I got to see it. Now I’m pining for when the next solar eclipse comes around in October 2023. You know I’ll be there!

Today I went into work for my monthly in-office work day. I enjoyed getting to see my coworkers and my manager surprised us and took us out to lunch. Then I came home and got to video chat with my friend, Katie. I mean, what a great way to start my week. I’m so so grateful that we’ve started up our regular video chats. Seeing her, even virtually, makes me feel so happy. I hope everyone had a great start to their week too.

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