What I like Wednesday: Plants

I decided to do an image block of some of my favorite plants this time around. Aren’t they lovely? There’s a pothos, bamboo (which isn’t actually bamboo, it’s a dracaena), a snake plant, a Pilea peperomioides (remember that plant on my #30 before 40 list? There it is!), and a Christmas cactus. These are more of the plants in my home that make me smile and help me appreciate life. The bamboo I got from my parents, which they got from their neighbor who moved across country. Sad to see a neighbor go but I did love getting a free plant. 😉 My parents also got me the adorable sloth planter that houses the pilea. I like that I get to have a couple of cute pots like the sloth and the llama. The pots brighten my day almost as much as the plants. And while my Christmas cactus hasn’t bloomed recently, it does have new growth so I know it’s doing ok. Oh plants, what joy you bring.

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