What I like Wednesday: Lego Masters Australia

If you’re looking for a new tv show and you’re not opposed to reality tv, then I recommend Lego Masters Australia. You can find it for free on Tubi. Teams of two compete in a variety of Lego briefs like, “build the strongest bridge”, “build something that will blow up”, or “build something hanging off this wire”. If you grew up playing with Lego like I did, or even if you just appreciate creativity and really great artistry, you’ll enjoy this show. Yes, it is a reality show, which means they push the teams to their limits, generally in regard to time. Brickman, the sole judge of the show, can be a little harsh as well which I don’t love but then he has these moments of pure compassion and enthusiasm that make your heart swell. Plus Hamish, the host of the show, is probably the best host of any show I’ve ever come across. He’s hilarious and I adore him, even though he does distract the teams on occasion (again, it’s a reality show, he does it on purpose). This show inspires me to build Lego and to be more creative in my day to day life. It’s a lot of fun and except for one person, the teams (at least of the two seasons I’ve watched) are comprised of really decent, sweet, and awesome people. I watched the first season of the US version and Australia’s is without a doubt superior. It’s just more wholesome and authentic to me. If you end up watching some of it and like it, let me know!

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