5-26-22 Dinner Party and Other Things

Oh boy, last weekend drained me. In a good way, thankfully, but it still drained me. I hosted an Our Flag Means Death (OFMD) dinner party Sunday evening. It was an absolute blast. But as all people who have planned parties know, the planning and prepping can take quite a long time. Happily, I really enjoy the planning stage of these kinds of things and I don’t mind the prep work at all so I had an enjoyable time throughout the whole process. And as all people know, covid has caused us to reduce our social interactions and thus when nine people show up at my door, while I relish the interactions, it leaves me exhausted. That’s right, ya’ll, nine people came to my party! It’s the most people that have been in my space since I moved. I think it’s also the most people that have been in my space since post covid, so, you know, that’s a win. With Shari’s helped I moved my furniture around so we had one big circle of couch, tables, and chairs. I made signs for Blackbeard’s Bar and Grill and Spanish Jackie’z. I got temporary tattoos of anchors and made a fortune teller to determine which OFMD character was your soul mate. We had themed food and honestly, it was great. I maybe wasn’t the best host (it’s been a while!) but I think I was sufficient. There were some really cool people at my party and I hope to hang out with them more often.

Needless to say though, Monday I was not energetic enough to blog. I cleaned up and video chatted with my cousin and that was it. Then Tuesday I chatted with my parents and then had a video call with my friend, Edward. And yesterday Shari came over so we went on a walk at Jewel Wetlands (I had to bring her there once) and then went grocery shopping where I proceeded to buy french toast sticks because I’m an adult and somehow King Sooper’s brand is vegan! I know what I’m having for breakfast on Sunday. šŸ˜€

Today I went into work for a bit so I could attend a hula event where we watched a native Hawaiian (of Chinese descent, she was very clear in that) do some hula dances. I even got up and learned how to hula when the time came. It was a lot of fun even though I was tripping over myself and going the opposite way I was supposed to. Haha. So some things I don’t learn quickly, it turns out, and dance moves are one of those things. I got to see some of my coworkers too, which was super nice. And this evening I had dinner with an old coworker.

There have been some sad pieces of news this week, both as a nation and in the lives of acquaintances, so that’s taken a toll on me and brought my week down a bit. I am grateful for friends and family who listen to me and help carry the burden and remind me that I don’t have to give to everyone. But hey, I’m a giver, so it’s hard to say no sometimes. If it’s in my power to do something, I generally want to and will. Shrug. I’m like my mother in that way. It’s generally a blessing but sometimes it can be a curse. Such is life.

I hope everyone’s weeks have been going as good if not better than mine. Remember that you are loved and worthy. You are valuable solely because you are alive. Therapy and medication are both great options to provide the skills and hormonal balances to keep you sane and happy. ā¤

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