What I like Wednesday: Hot Ones YouTube Channel

I know I did a show last week for what I like and while I don’t want to encourage more screen time, I can’t help but like the Hot Ones interviews that Sean Evans does over on YouTube. So, here I am. They are so completely interesting and worth a watch, even if you don’t know who is being interviewed. The interviews last between 20 and 30 minutes which means it’s a nice quick thing to watch while you’re eating breakfast or lunch or if you have some spare time in the evening but don’t want to sit for too long.

Sean Evans, a random dude from Chicago, interviews celebrities from all walks of life – actors and actresses, musicians, and food stars fill his docket. There are two things that really make these interviews shine. First, both Sean and the celebrity eat hot wings dipped in 10 different hot sauces of varying spice levels. The wings start off less spicy and increase to a spice level that most people stay away from. Eating spicy food allows these celebrities to truly let go, because all they can really focus on is how their mouths are burning and their bodies are reacting to the insane amount of spice. When these celebrities let all their anxieties and concerns go about the interview, the interview becomes all that much better. People open up and more vulnerable. They actually have fun and show their human sides. It’s truly lovely and oftentimes hilarious.

The second thing that makes these interviews great are the questions. Sean and his team do extensive research into each celebrity’s life and career and thus they have really deep and interesting questions. Questions that these people are rarely, if ever, asked. Oftentimes you’ll hear the celebrity say stuff like, “this is the best interview I’ve ever had” and “thanks for not asking the same questions as everyone else”. I mean, who wouldn’t want to watch the best interview ever? If the celebrity is enjoying the interview then you know it’ll be good. And if the questions are good, you get to learn more about a person’s life than you have previously. The people, who are already vulnerable from eating spicy food, are so pleasantly surprised by the fantastic questions that they open up and share their lives.

Which I guess means there’s really three reasons the show is good. Sean is a great interviewer. Even with wings and with great questions, it wouldn’t be quite the same without the chill Sean Evans going along for the ride next to each guest. He puts them at ease, he matches their mood, he brings this sense of calm that really makes the show. I highly recommend checking out the Hot Ones interviews, there’s lots of them so there’s bound to be at least one or two that you’d enjoy.

Some of my favorites:

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