What I like Wednesday: Favorite Vegan Products

It took me a while to find all my favorite vegan items of products like cream cheese and sour cream. There’s a lot of options out there, which is great, but most of the stuff isn’t good. Honestly, it’s not. And any vegan who tells you it is, doesn’t remember the deliciousness of real dairy (even I’m forgetting). Below are the products that I have found are decent replacements for the foods I knew and loved pre-vegan days. I’ve talked about some of these before but I figured I’d put them all in one place in case anyone is ever interested in being vegan or trying vegan items (or, if I ever visit you, but know I’m always happy to bring my own food. 😉 ).

What I still haven’t found good vegan replacements for:

  • Marshmallows: They just don’t melt the same way, aka they don’t melt. They also don’t taste the same. I so wish we could find a legitimately good gelatin alternative. Come on scientists, I’m looking at you!
  • Cheese: there are some ok vegan cheeses (Miyoko’s mozzarella, Violife cheddar slices) but recently I’ve found myself skipping the cheese entirely.

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