What I like Wednesday: More Art

  1. Dinosaur that my coworkers from DPS spray painted gold, cut a hole in, and planted a succulent. The succulent sadly died under my watch but the dinosaur survived. This piece reminds me of the fun times I had at DPS and of the love my coworkers and I shared. Plus, it’s a dinosaur!
  2. This little flower card was made by my niece, Emily’s fingerprints when she was fairly young. A card made by her (and Kaitlin) and of flowers? Couldn’t be more perfect.
  3. This pretty floral card was sent to me by my friend, Kayla. Not only was the note she wrote me lovely, but I liked the card’s design so much I had to frame it.
  4. This floral print is actually wrapping paper. Kaitlin got me a gift one time and chose this absolutely beautiful wrapping paper. Now I can look at it every day and not only enjoy the flowers but remember how much my sister loves me.
  5. Home Sweet Home, cross stitched by my grandmother. The piece was not for me but when she passed away I was able to ask for it. I can remember all my happy memories with her every time I look at it, and know that I have a piece of her. She’s taking an active part in making my apartment a home, even though she’s not here anymore.
  6. My friend, Aeri, accidentally got a 2nd print of this bee piece and thought of me when deciding who to give it to. I think this piece is really cool and it reminds me how much my friends care.

Note: Click each picture as needed to enlarge.

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