What I like Wednesday: More Plants

  1. Pepperomia: I really like this species of plant. Plus, it’s in a cute rabbit pot so how can I not enjoy it? It appears to be growing away from the light, so that’s interesting.
  2. Croton: my friend, Robyn, gave me this plant as a housewarming gift when I moved into my new place. It’s also in a cute frog pot. So it’s cute, in a cute pot, and from a friend, what a great combo.
  3. ZZ: This guy is even tougher to kill than snake plants so I appreciate that. It has cool leaves and I adore it.
  4. African violet: This might be the plant I’ve had the longest. One of my previous managers got this for me. The only African violet I’ve ever had, after at least 5 years, this beauty has sprouted so many freaking flowers. Look at it! It’s loving life and I love it.
  5. Orchid: got this from my parents when their neighbor moved away. I threw away the first orchid I got 7 or so years ago because I didn’t know how to care for one and incorrectly thought I had killed it. Doing much better with this one, thankfully. That’s its second blooming!

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