What I Like Wednesday: More Art

This is the last Wednesday I’ll share my art (at least, the last planned Wednesday). I haven’t shared all of the lovely art I have but I have shared all the ones closest to my heart over these past few months.

  1. My niece, Emily, colored me this butterfly picture when she was around 3. It came from her and it had to do with nature so I was 100% into it. I had to frame it and hang it up, it goes perfectly with many of my other pieces.
  2. This was the painting I purchased at the Affordable Arts Festival in 2021. I had wanted a piece like this for years (I mean, probably 8 or 9 years). I adore it.
  3. Kaitlin painted me this piece when I separated from my ex. It was a very needed and appreciated reminder for me as well as a clear sign that I was surrounded by people who love me.
  4. My mom purchased this cloth when she and my dad visited England. She bought it for my grandma and had it framed for her. My mom gave this to me after my grandma passed away. Not only do I quite like the floral print, but it’s a reminder of both my grandmother’s and my mother’s love – for each other and for me.
  5. This delicate vase was given to be my friend, Lydia, right after I separated from my ex. It reminded me that she still loved me and was a nice addition to my new apartment.
  6. Elisabeth cross stitched this piece for me. It makes me smile because my best friend put work and thought into this for me. It’s exactly what I needed for my dinosaur themed bathroom.

Note: Click each picture as needed to enlarge.

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