I put up the swinging chair Lydia got me. It only took 2 plus years. I loved sitting in her hanging chairs any time I visited so I felt grateful and excited when she gifted me one of my own. I tried in my previous apartment to find a stud in the ceiling so I could hang the chair up but I had no such luck. And there wasn’t any room for me to get a chair stand. When I moved into my current place, I looked into purchasing a chair stand but the reviews made me a little too nervous so I figured I’d wait until one day I moved into a townhouse where I could hire someone to find a stud for me. Then about two weeks ago, when I was sitting out on my balcony, I just happened to look up and see a screw that looked exactly like the one that went with the chair. I quickly brought out my step stool and proceeded to try to hang from the hook to see if I could pull it out or if it would hold my weight. Maybe not the smartest choice but I was too excited to think of other options.

The great thing is, the hook held! I immediately got out the chair, hung it up, and gingerly sat down. The hook continued to hold! I can’t tell you how happy I felt. I’ve sat in the chair almost every day since and have yet to have the hook and myself come crashing down. I love it. It’s so incredibly relaxing to gently rock in a hanging chair as I look out at the green leaves and breathe in the fresh air. The company that sells these chairs says sitting in one for 30 minutes a day provides improved mental health. I believe it. As anyone who reads my blog on a regular basis knows, I don’t sit still very well. I’m not the kind of person to just lounge on my couch and think. I’m not good at doing nothing. Except when it comes to sitting in this chair. I sit in it and do nothing and it’s incredibly wonderful. I feel a sense of calm and assuredness that everything is ok. Damn. Turns out doing nothing is really good for a person, at least myself.

I’m starting to feel optimistic about life again. Maybe in part because of the chair. Or because I’m slowly bringing exercise back into my life. Or because I’m slowing down and not booking myself too many friend hangs. It’s probably a combination. I’m looking forward to events and am almost ready for the fall. If I can get one more pool afternoon in I think I can call summer a wrap.

One thought on “8-18-22

  1. I just love your blogs. You give such insight into the joys and sorrows of everyday life. Yay for a swinging chair!

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