8-29-22 Pike’s Peak or Bust!

I finished another #30 before 40 item! I went to the top of Pike’s Peak. Shari and I went down to Colorado Springs last week and my parents treated us to a trip up the mountain. I so enjoyed the day – a visit is well worth it. We happened to go on the perfect day, the sun was out and it wasn’t too hazy as we took in all the beautiful views of surrounding mountains and hills. We saw a marmot on our way up and a pika at the summit. We tried out the visitor center’s famous donuts and Shari and I got a picture with every Sasquatch we saw.

On our way down the mountain we stopped by the reservoirs which were almost crystal clear and so very calm since no motorized boats can use them. They would be a perfect place to go kayaking. After we left the mountains we headed into Manitou Springs where my parents treated us yet again by grabbing us some fresh beignets to try. Wow they were tasty but super sweet.

It only took me 10 years of living here as an adult and putting it on a list to get myself to Pike’s Peak but I did it. And I’m glad I did. Sometimes doing the touristy stuff in your own hometown or state is well worth it, and this definitely was. Sometime perhaps I’ll consider taking the train up Pike’s Peak for a different experience but I’m in no rush. Perhaps in another 10 years? 😉

Yesterday, Shari and I had a small birthday party for her which was an absolute blast. We initially planned to have it at a park but when thunder and lightning came and didn’t seem to go away we moved it to Shari’s apartment. Everyone was super understanding and accommodating (I have great friends, what can I say) and we all had a good time. Turns out location isn’t that important when the company’s fantastic. I laughed so hard yesterday evening, I don’t think I’ve laughed like that in a few months.

The previous weekend, Shari and I headed up to Cheyenne to spend some time with her family and celebrate her birthday (she’s had a week of celebrations, as is only right). We went to a farmer’s market where I got some Palisade peaches, played Cribbage where I won a round, and went to a recently opened restaurant where the chef came out and spoke to me to figure out a vegan dish he could make for me. We also ended up finding ourselves at a small but impressive art festival at a park where we discovered Cheyenne does this really cool mobile art gallery. They got a truck the size of a food truck and turned it into an art gallery with local, upcoming artists. It was so cool. I want Denver to have something like this. They drive around to different events to help get the word out about local artists as well as young artists just learning the ropes. So awesome.

In other news, I’ve picked up all my remaining pottery and am figuring out what to do with it all. I’ve given away a few items (see Shari’s bear planter), but those were pre-planned. I made a few ornaments but only some turned out to my liking so I may keep them all or I may make some into Christmas presents, we’ll see. I still have time to make some more and use a local kiln so perhaps after this post goes up I’ll pull out what clay I have left and get working! I plan on taking photos of each piece I made and compiling them into an album for myself so I can track my progress.

Here’s to everyone having a pleasant week and one where you find moments of reflection and relaxation. ❤

One thought on “8-29-22 Pike’s Peak or Bust!

  1. I love everything about this. Andy sure takes a great group selfie! I am super happy I got to be a tourist with you!

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