Life continues to go quickly and be packed with events. I’m learning I need more downtime to myself than I used to. Is this what getting older is like? Haha. I went to a trivia night with some of my meetup friends where Shari’s group got 3rd place and my group got 4th. It was the easiest trivia I’ve ever been to and it was a lot of fun. It’s nice feeling smart.

I had a day off where I actually relaxed, which was unique in that I don’t normally do that on my days off. I specifically didn’t do or plan any errands that day. I read a lot and watched some tv and filled up my mental health bucket. Then that evening Shari and I went to a local wrestling match (those fun ones) for our friend Amanda’s birthday. I loved cheering on the wrestlers at the absolutely loudest scream I could manage. On our way home we saw some incredible lightning that crossed at least half of the sky in a way that was both terrifying and awesome.

We went and saw a movie with some friends the next day and then walked around Sloan’s Lake in the 90 degree weather. Next time we’ll walk in the fall when it’s cooler cause the loop is 2 1/2 miles and in full sun. Thank goodness for water and car AC.

We went to the zoo the day after that where we saw some adorable monkeys, including a 2 month old. I’m still hesitant about zoos, they’re not the first place I’d choose to visit, but currently I am more able to appreciate what they are and provide. We weren’t able to see the baby otter sadly, but we saw enough truly neat animals and animal events (sea lion demonstration, tiger feeding, multiple monkey feedings) that not seeing one baby animal was not the end all be all.

Last week, Shari and I supported our friend Mel at a book event. One of her short stories was published in a Rocky Mountain anthology called Bizarre Bazaar. Her story is brilliant and creative so if you ever get your hands on a copy, be sure to read it. I purchased the anthology myself so once I’m done reading all the stories, let me know if you want to borrow it. That evening was incredibly fun.

The following day some of my work teammates and I made dinner at the Ronald McDonald House as a volunteer opportunity. The planning and prep was a bit stressful but of course all worked out in the end and it was a nice bonding time. I got to meet two people I had never met in person before so that was a great for me too because I still feel shy often when it comes to introducing myself to people I’ve never met before. Some people do it so easily (at least it looks like it’s a breeze for them) that it blows my mind. What skills. At least it means I have something to learn and grow.

This Saturday, Shari and I walked around Washington Park neighborhood to check out the historic walk our friend Carolyn organized. It was cold and cloudy which was a bit of a bummer but we still made it work and we saw a lot of pretty houses and learned a bit about Denver’s history. We even went into the International Church of Cannabis, a building we had passed many times and one I was always curious about. This They have laser shows and a really interesting shop/game area. They are big into chairs with intriguing designs, hence the giant green chair in the picture above. We’ll have to go back one day for their laser show. Then that evening we went back into the heart of Denver for another book event that one of my coworkers put on. That was also pretty fun.

Yesterday we hung out with Shari’s boxing gym members as the gym held a community picnic. I got to meet some of Shari’s classmates and we had really good conversation. After that Elisabeth came over to Shari’s place and we watched a movie and hung out.

I took today off so I met up with my parents in Castle Rock for lunch and a hike. I ran a few errands and now here I am, finishing up my evening with some baking for my dinner with my friend Brittany tomorrow, and some macramé for what I hope will be a hanging fruit basket (shout out to Mel for lending me her saws to cut my dowel). This week is full of friend hangs so here’s hoping I find some down time in between all the fun so I can truly enjoy and savor all these amazing moments and amazing people I get to spend time with. I am so truly privileged!

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