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As summer (hopefully slowly) comes to a close, I continue to go out and live. Two weekends ago, Shari and I met up with my friend Robyn at City Park Farmer’s Market. I wanted to go one more time before markets season ended so I was grateful Robyn suggested it. Immediately after saying goodbye to Robyn, Shari and I met up with our other friends Jarred and Andy for lunch. They’re looking to buy a house near where I currently live so they were in the neighborhood.

That Sunday, I went to the Denver Art Museum with some of my meetup friends. First time I had been into the reopened building so I was excited. I planned for us to spend 2 hours in the museum and then go get some lunch. Two and a half hours later and we hadn’t even seen half of the exhibits. I knew we wouldn’t be able to see all of them but I thought we would have made more progress. That museum is huge and is definitely something that would take at least four visits to see everything. It’s pretty overwhelming. But in a good way I guess? I really enjoyed myself. There was a cool fashion exhibit by a Mexico City native fashion designer and a Georgia O’Keeffe exhibit with photographs she took and photos others took of her. It was pretty neat to see her and her art through a camera lens rather than paint (although there were a few paintings as well which were lovely). Tickets to the museum are only $13 for Colorado residents which is quite reasonable so go check it out sometime if you can.

Last week I went out to dinner with my friend Alyssa and another night Elisabeth came over to my place for dinner. Shari and I then hosted our other friends Nicole and Josh for dinner yet another evening. I went into the office for part of a day as well to start training in the new program my department is transitioning to. I’ll have more in office days over the next month which, while possibly stressful, could also be fun since I’ll get to see my teammates.

This weekend, Shari and I had to switch up our plans as we weren’t able to meet our friend in Fort Collins due to a possible covid exposure she had. That was a bummer but we made it work by visiting the Botanic Gardens instead. I told Shari I like the gardens in September because it gets this wild look to it. Plants have grown a bit crazy by then and I imagine the gardeners are getting ready for winter mode so trimming may not happen as often. There’s a different feel to the gardens if you pause to take it in. One of almost frenzy before the cold comes in, but one also of freedom and joy. I loved our stroll through the gardens, as always, especially when we found a little path we had never taken before. We’ll be going back in a couple of weeks for Glow at the Gardens where we’ll get to see many many awesome pumpkins.

Yesterday I attended a meetup where we discussed Vei, a comic surrounding one part of Norse mythology. I liked the story quite a bit (and the art) and the discussion was fantastic. I enjoyed getting to spend time with my friends too.

And if you’re interested, I took photos (or had friends take photos for me) of every piece I made in my pottery class. Some of these pieces I trashed because I knew I would never use them, but I kept the photos to reference my progress.

2 thoughts on “9-26-22

  1. I love this blog! I don’t know how you keep up – you must sleep well at night. Your pottery pieces are so cool; so eclectic. Please tell me you didn’t throw away the blue bottle. And… that is a lovely picture of you. So lovely.

  2. So glad you got to do a meetup. Our mid week meetup at the beach will be moving to a local diner in the next town.

    have a great one.

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