11-22-22 Hey ya’ll!

Hey ya’ll, how’s it been? I’ve been chugging along. Work has been really busy, which has been quite nice but also tiring and means many of my evenings these days are spent watching tv (Expanse, Hacks, A League of Their Own, and Making the Cut, anyone?) and nothing else. Do what you gotta do to relax and self care. I got a cold this past weekend but thankfully it’s probably the mildest cold I’ve ever had. I’m mostly just tired and having to blow my nose all day. But honestly, what’s new there? 😉

This past weekend Shari and I went to Cheyenne for her family’s Thanksgiving (they were willing to do it a week early for us) where we made Philippine inspired dishes. This means that we made our version of lumpia (like a spring roll) and holy moly did I fall in love with using spring rolls. They were way easier than I thought and are no longer intimidating. And they’re delicious! In bed that night, when Shari mentioned how the spring roll wrappers were thin like filo dough, I immediately said, “Oh my gosh, we have to make baklava spring rolls.” Then I fell asleep.

One of my new year’s resolutions that I’m starting now is to try every recipe I have in my recipe spreadsheet that I haven’t made yet. While I didn’t intend to add on any additional recipes (because I already had 30 untried ones), I just happened to get two vegan recipe books from the library that I had been waiting on so you know I couldn’t help myself. I now have 38 recipes to test before the end of 2023. I feel like that’s reasonable. That’s about 3 recipes a month. Many of them are desserts or baked goods like cinnamon rolls so you know I shouldn’t have an issue finding time to make those. Anyone want to give this a go with me, just let me know and we’ll set a date for you to come over and taste test.

I’ve already tried out a few recipes including a delicious Nigerian okra stew thanks to my friend Kiarra gifting me the recipe years ago, some truly tasty vegan naan that made my heart sing, and what I wouldn’t necessarily call “fortune cookies” because shaping is hard but fortune-like cookies that were spot on in taste. Trying new hobbies and new recipes is a strength and skill of mine and I’m happy to be giving this a go. This goal is filling me with optimism and excitement.

Oftentimes recently I think to myself, “I don’t know what I would say if someone asked me what I’ve been up to.” I don’t know if it’s because I’ve been more tired after work and my brain is adjusting or if I feel like I haven’t been up to enough note worthy things. Regardless, life isn’t about getting up to note worthy things. It’s about enjoying the little moments, even if you can’t remember them the next day. It’s about being present and sharing love (and sometimes food). So if someone asks me what I’ve been up to and I can’t immediately think of the many fun times I’ve had, I’ll just say, “I’ve been living life and loving it!” Or “I’ve been living life and am working on being more present.” You know, whatever the actual case is.

I’ll say goodbye now. It’s time for me to go live life! 😉

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