11-23-22 Welp, covid strikes again

You know, I wouldn’t mind having covid if I could schedule it. The first time I got covid was a week before I moved. Now, I got it again, right at Thanksgiving. I tested positive this morning and thus Thanksgiving plans shift. I felt disappointed, and still do a little bit, I wanted to have a really fun and relaxing day with my friends. You know Thanksgiving is one of my favorite meals (you’ll never pin me down with just one!). Thankfully it seems we’re agreeing to moving it to next weekend so not all is lost.

So life has other intentions. I’d much rather roll with it than stay stuck in my apartment for a few more days feeling angry or sad. The great news is, as I mentioned yesterday, my symptoms are so mild, that this time around I can actually do stuff (albeit at home) instead of just lying in bed feeling like shit. I guess I owe that much to the booster I got a few months ago.

Now that my long weekend suddenly opened up, I thought I’d write more. Now’s as good a time as any to attempt to get back into the writing habit. I think I needed a break – a break from writing and a break from my life’s pace. You know, I wish, as I’m sure you all do too, that growing as a person was this one and done thing. I learned how to savor life, how to balance it, I’m all set for the rest of my life. But life is a series of check ins and refocuses. In a way that’s pretty freaking awesome because it means you can continue to discover new parts of yourself, new hobbies, new interests, new friends. If you don’t like who you are or where you’re at currently, congrats, you won’t always be that person or be in that situation. It’s really freeing. But sometimes I wish the check ins didn’t have to happen so often.

Since I’m at home isolating for a few more days guess what I’m going to do? Try out more recipes! I mean, what better time than now? Today I am making caramel and focaccia. Never made focaccia before and while I’ve made vegan dipping caramel a few times, none of them have turned out great (anyone remember when I melted a spoon in one batch?). So I continue to be on the hunt for an actually decent vegan caramel sauce. Could it be today? Maybe, I have to let it sit in the fridge overnight so I won’t know until tomorrow!

I forgot to include a picture of me as Death from Sandman this Halloween in my last post so here it is. I was very proud of it, especially since I’ve always felt if I can’t do a cosplay or costume perfectly, it wasn’t worth doing. I very consciously decided that wasn’t going to be the case in this instance and I gave it a go.

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