So covid got the better of me for a few days. While most of my symptoms were mild compared to my first bout with it, I still felt vey tired and had to sleep a lot and do very little when I was awake. I’m feeling pretty good today although still a tad tired. I’ll take it though.

So my long weekend was mostly one of sleeping or watching tv but Shari and I did get around to putting up both of our Christmas trees, which was really nice. Over the past few years I’ve been the kind of person who prefers to put up her tree the first weekend in December, but every single one of my weekends in December are booked so this past weekend was my only chance to get it up (I 100% acknowledge I could have put my tree up on a weekday, but it’s not quite the same, right?). With my tree up I have now given myself permission to listen to Christmas music and eat candy canes and I have to say, I’m not hating it. 😉 There’s something so lovely listening to music about winter and Santa that makes me not dislike winter quite as much. Plus, it was a high of 50 today and I took a couple minutes to stand on my balcony and just soak in the sun and breathe in that fresh air and it was good for the soul.

So I’m on the mend and back at trying new recipes and planning events. I’m going to try my hand at making my own seitan tomorrow so here’s hoping it all goes well. And if it doesn’t, I’m still proud of myself for trying.

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