12-8-22 Busy life full of love

Last weekend was nonstop to make up for the very laid back Thanksgiving weekend I had since I was sick. Saturday I hosted Friendsgiving because you know I can’t go a year without Thanksgiving food in my body. Specifically the family stuffing. It’s just not an option! So I made stuffing, some dessert, and served the seitan I had made a few days prior (it turned out great!). My friends brought other deliciousness and we spent six hours eating, playing games, and visiting with one another. I loved it. Afterward, Shari drove me and Angi over to the Cherry Creek Christmas Market so we could wander a bit and see the beautiful lights and check out the stands. Shari and Angi tried some coffee made out of mushrooms (not for them) and then got some ube hot chocolate.

Sunday I hosted a birthday party where my friends met me at a library (major shout out to Elisabeth for encouraging me to rent a meeting space at Arapahoe libraries) where we had lunch, more dessert, and again played games and visited. Thanks to my friend Jarred for bringing his laptop and steam account so we could play a couple of Jack Box games.

I didn’t take any pictures either day so you’ll just have to imagine the fun times I had and all the smiling faces of my friends. You know, initially I was planning on taking a photo a day as soon as I turned 34, but it just hasn’t been happening. I’m not feeling it as much as I thought I would feel it. I’m not opposed to taking more pictures, especially if I want to try to get back into blogging on a regular basis (still debating that), but taking one every day just doesn’t seem to be working. I feel a bit disappointed in myself and am trying to show myself grace that maybe this just isn’t the age. Or maybe I’ll feel it more January 1, 2023. Who knows. I’m not failing if I don’t take pictures. Maybe it’s a sign that I’m truly living life instead.

So last weekend was great but exhausting. I was surrounded by people I truly love and enjoy being around.

This week work has been non stop although I did attend an all day training yesterday which was a nice break but also tiring because I was around people for over 8 hours straight. Tomorrow I head out with Shari and Elisabeth to Cheyenne for cookie weekend. I imagine that will be fun and tiring as well.

What are you all up to this holiday season?

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