December has now come and gone and I finally have a few minutes to sit down and reflect on all the fun things I got to do since I last wrote.

Shari had Elisabeth and I over in mid-December to watch Gremlins and then a few days later hosted more of us to watch Gremlins 2. I had never seen the second movie so I had an absolute blast eating delicious spaghetti, drinking homemade apple cider, and laughing at all the funny scenes and the funny comments my friends made.

The very next day was Christmas Eve so Shari and I packed up and headed up to Cheyenne to spend Christmas with her family. We did a couple of puzzles, went on a walk, played a few games, and ate a truly delicious meal (they let me make vegan stuffing, gravy, and green bean casserole – what more is there to love in life?). We opened presents where I happily received a microwave plate cover (no splatters), hot sauce (including a flavor I had wanted to try!), and a bunch of tongs (my old pair was rusting). I have to say it was a really lovely Christmas and I’m glad we got to go and celebrate.

Then last weekend, Shari and I packed up again and headed down to the Springs to celebrate New Year’s and Christmas 2.0 with my parents! We played games, did two puzzles, walked at an open space where we got to see the Broadmoor, made some applesauce and spiced ornaments, and opened presents. And of course, we ate lots of good food including some Impossible sliders, chex mix, and biscuits and gravy. My parents got me almost everything on my wishlist (I am so privileged) including new car mats (finally, I’ve had my car for 10 years with the same ratty car mats), a succulent Lego kit, and the comic book, Vei! Yet again, I had a truly wonderful weekend and feel so blessed to have two families to spend time with now.

Yesterday evening I met up with my friend, Meseret, for dinner since she was in town for the holidays. I had such a fun and joyful time catching up. She makes me laugh and feel special every time we get together. She’s a truly great friend and I can only hope that I can go visit her in Arizona before DU snatches her up and says, “move to Denver, we want you as a professor!”.

Tonight I’m having dinner with Shari and Elisabeth and tomorrow, Shari and I will be meeting up with my friend, Edward, as he’s visiting for a few days. In between all these visits I go grocery shopping, have dinner with Shari, video chat with Katie, gazing at my gorgeous orchid and African violet as they are both in bloom, and watch tv as I’m absolutely pooped and have no energy to do anything else. I think if work was less busy I’d have more energy, but we’ve been slammed the past few months. I might have to readjust the way I approach work and not push myself so hard because I have a feeling there’s a lot outside of work I’ll want to do in this new year. I hope everyone had as pleasant a holiday month as I did and that you all are ready for the new year!

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