Remember when I used to write like three times a week? I have two theories as to why I stopped doing that. 1. I have been so busy at work that I haven’t had the energy. 2. Kaitlin moved out of state.

I realized yesterday that ever since Kaitlin moved, I haven’t felt quite grounded in the world. I’ve felt more like I’m floating by as the days rapidly tick, tick, tick. Who knew having my twin sister move out of state would do that to me. We didn’t even see each other that often when she lived here but I guess just knowing subconsciously that she was only an hour away gave me peace of mind. I totally support her and Kevin’s decision. They’re helping people who are truly in need. They’re finding themselves and growing. I still miss Kaitlin deeply though, even on an unconscious level. Having her gone threw me so much in a way that I didn’t expect that I haven’t quite gotten up yet. Maybe recognizing this will help me heal and get back to savoring all the little things all the time.

I have still really enjoyed some moments recently. Shari and I met Edward in Boulder a couple of weeks ago. He bought us Meta Burger as a thank you for driving out that far. We wandered around Pearl St after, window shopping and treating ourselves to some desserts and tea.

Another day I had dinner with some meetup ladies which was really lovely and last Sunday I met up with many of them again to go to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. We ended up spending over 5 hours together and ended our time with some good eats at Bull and Bush.

I had dinner with Elisabeth a week ago which was such a beneficial time for my soul. She’s my chosen sister so it’s always good spending one on one time with her. She helps me feel more grounded just like Kaitlin does.

Shari and I went to the Botanic Gardens last weekend because it was the start of their orchid showcase and I always love going to that. We discovered an orchid species that smelled (not a normal feature) so every time we found one of those on our wanderings I had to go up to it and take in a deep whiff. It smelled so pleasant, how could I not?

And, Shari and I have continued working on purchasing a condo. We’ve put an offer down on a home, had the inspection, and are on our way to signing on 2/8/22. Less than a month away. A lot of work will have to be done before we move in (completely replacing the floors and painting the entire home are the two biggest projects). I’ve convinced Shari that we should hire people to do the work because they’ll do it better than us and I really don’t have the energy or know how to paint four rooms. Shari has been such an amazing partner throughout this whole process. She’s stepped up and taken on many tasks as I don’t always have time during the day. Buying a home has been time consuming, stressful, and overwhelming. I forgot how much went into this and swear it wasn’t this complicated last time I did all this. At the same time, last time I didn’t have the negotiating power we have now so it’s been kind of awesome and exciting at the same time. We’re buying a home that I really really like. I’m so freaking excited about it! I can’t wait to post pictures once we get settled in (we’ll move in March) and of course to invite any and all of you to come see it. We’ll even have a guest bed. 😀

So home stuff has taken so much of my brain and work stuff has taken so much of my brain that I haven’t had much energy to do writing or much of anything besides watching tv. I’m working on managing my workload better so I don’t feel as rushed throughout the day which will give me more energy in the evening. Darker evenings also really bring my energy down so I’m grateful that the days are stretching by seconds and minutes each day at this point.

I hope everyone’s start to the new year has been pleasant and enjoyable and that you all have many things to look forward to in the coming weeks and months. ❤

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