1-24-23 Enjoying life

This past weekend was a really good one. Shari’s mom, Patty, was in town Friday and Saturday so we met up with her and took her to the Clyfford Still Museum. I know that place isn’t for everyone (there’s many pieces that aren’t my style either) but you can get free tickets via the library and the museum changes out pieces on a quarterly basis so why not go once a year or so? This time around we got to see pieces that had never been on display before. I mean, how cool is that?

We had dinner at Mod Pizza afterward then played a Clue Escape Room board game. It’s a “play once and then you’re done forever” game which was a bit of a bummer because I had an absolute blast playing it. I want to play it again and have a different result. We reset the game so Patty could hand it off to her employee to play with his friends. In a similar vein, I recently played Box One, another “play once” game that you play by yourself. Neil Patrick Harris helped design it and I got it from Elisabeth who had played it and I believe gotten it from her cousin who had also played it. That one was a lot harder but I still enjoyed it and have passed it on to Shari to give it a go. I think games that you share is a really neat idea. I support it.

Saturday after doing errands and chores, Elisabeth and I headed to our friend Alyssa’s for her birthday dinner. Her family cooked us breakfast tacos and blueberry pancakes and I felt such love and happiness while celebrating my friend. I talked to Alyssa’s brother about a wood working certification he got at a local community college and now may have to look into taking a class or two sometime. Being able to build my own tables would be honestly freaking awesome. One day.

On Sunday, I invited a few friends over and I made four different recipes of cinnamon rolls. I’ve been editing my recipe spreadsheet to only include recipes I really like and will make so when I realized I had 4 cinnamon roll recipes I knew I needed to do a taste test party. I prepped the night before (thanks Dad for the great mise en place suggestion) and started baking at 8am, finishing at 11am. I had a 10 minute break somewhere in there so it was all above board. 😉 There were two winners – the 3 hour cinnamon rolls and the 30 minute cinnamon rolls. I loved baking and sharing my baking with friends. I have to think of another taste test event I can host. Maybe seitan wings with different hot sauces?

Last night I made nutella chocolate muffins, another recipe in my spreadsheet, and ya’ll, they’re pretty dang tasty. I will be keeping that recipe. At this point I only have 9 more recipes to try out before the end of this year for me to meet my personal goal of trying all the new recipes I’ve added over the years. I think that’s doable! Then I can start adding more recipes to try. Lol.

Hope everyone has a pleasant week!

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