New Condo

Less than a week after Shari and I got back from New Orleans (only two full days, actually), we moved into our condo. That means we’ve been here for almost a whole month! Moving was long and stressful, even with movers. Shari was sick. I was exhausted. We pushed through and we got everything set up relatively quickly. There are still tweaks here and there that we want made but the space is livable and really quite lovely. I adore our main sitting area. The colors, the natural light, the windows, the plants, the art. It all came together so amazingly nicely I am so pleased. I think this space is even more me than my apartment was – and that was pretty me already.

We have a purple couch now that goes perfectly with my teal couch and Shari’s giant coffee table. We have plants all over the place mixed in with meaningful decor. I am so impressed with how we’ve melded our two styles and pieces. We have a bridge key now so we can access the High Line Canal trail in less than a 2 minute walk. Now we have to figure out if and how we can compost and recycle and eventually get a pool key and we’ll be golden.

Life is still crazy. I’m not sure if it will ever not be crazy, honestly. Shari got laid off from her job a week after we moved. Pippin and Korra, while they have had a handful of neutral interactions, have also had a lot of hissing and stressful interactions as well as general anxiety overall. Dealing with them has caused me to feel so much stress and anxiety myself, it’s been hard. It’s the biggest stressor in my life right now. Shari and I both have to keep encouraging ourselves and each other that it’ll work out in the end. We have to keep going and continue trying to meld the two cats together in an effort to allow them to be cordial and not life long enemies. People have also encouraged us which has helped, especially those who have similar experience or know someone who went through this too. We’re not alone.

So life is crazy and stressful. But it’s also been fun and enjoyable. We’ve already had a few people over to our new place and have additional plans this month for even more people. Spring is finally upon us, even with random cold snow days, and I see green grass poking up from the ground. There are so many birds in the trees by our condo that it’s fun watching them fly around. A hawk lives nearby so we see her on an almost daily basis.

Some truly lovely ladies help me run and plan the comic book meetup group now which has been such a relief. It’s been a joy working with them to plan and post events. I feel a sense of excitement again about the group and it feels great. Bring it on, 2023, I’m ready for the warmer days!

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