5-2-23 Condo is nice and toasty now

Life continues to be full of excitement and love at the Shari-Lauren estate (I think we need to name our home like they do in England – Willow Cottage or Holly Park – that kind of thing). We went up to Cheyenne a couple of weekends ago to visit Shari’s family where we played games, had a lovely Easter inspired dinner, and got to visit our friend, Bailey.

I got to chat with my friend, Kayla, on the phone and go out to dinner with my friend, Alyssa, before her crazy farmers market season begins. My meetup group had a movie day at the library where we watched Tetris, a new Apple TV movie about the history of how tetris came to the United States (it was created in Russia).

Shari and I had a house warming party where 26 of our friends and family showed up and brought the joy and celebration. It was so much fun. I love bringing people together and getting to enjoy time with my people. Everyone was great and many of them brought us very thoughtful gifts including more plants, a homemade cutting board, and two handcrafted pieces of art we now have hanging on our walls. Both sets of parents got to come too which was probably the highlight since neither live that close to us. It also means they got to meet for the first time, which was cool.

I got to have dinner at Elisabeth’s place which is always relaxing and pleasant and I took Shari to my friend’s daughter’s senior vocal recital at Denver School of the Arts which was a fun (and free) way to spend an evening. Shari and I got up early to head to the Botanic Gardens for their member morning where we got a free tour of the Waring house, the home built in the 1920s and given to the gardens in the 1970s for their offices. That house was decorated – interesting light fixtures, painted ceilings and walls, and almost every item of wood carved. We even got to see the secret door through the library!

Shari and I also went to my friend Nancy’s City Silhouette event held at Tattered Cover where we listened to a handful of writers share their poetry and prose. And we had another comic book meetup event. Yesterday, Lydia came over for dinner since she’s in town for a few days, which was just lovely.

The rest of the week is a bit more low key until Friday when we’ll have friends over for dinner and we have another fairly full weekend ahead of us. I may not write on here as often but it doesn’t mean I’m not enjoying life!

One thought on “5-2-23 Condo is nice and toasty now

  1. Your condo is warm, welcoming and a beautiful expression of who you and Shari are. My heart skipped a beat when you said the highlight of your open house was your parents coming. My girl…

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