#30 Before 40

Below are 30 activities I want to accomplish before I turn 40. Interested in helping me out with any of these or joining me on any of these? Let me know and follow along as I cross them off!

  1. Live alone (Complete: February 2022)
  2. Go to the ocean (Complete: August 2021 – Brookings, OR with Kayla, Shari, Elisabeth)
  3. Go back to New Zealand
  4. Go back to Paris
  5. Go back to Spain
  6. Visit the Sand Dunes in Colorado
  7. Visit Pike’s Peak (Complete: August 2022 with Shari, Mom, and Dad)
  8. Visit Disneyland again
  9. Go to a city I’ve never been (Complete: March 2023 with Shari – New Orleans)
  10. Revisit Victoria, BC
  11. Take another solo vacation
  12. Go stargazing
  13. Hike Mt Ida
  14. Go kayaking (Complete: 5/3/22 – Destin, FL with Shari, Kaitlin, Kevin, the kids)
  15. Revisit the Clyfford Still Museum (Complete: 3/12/22 – Denver, CO with Shari)
  16. Plank again for 5 minutes straight
  17. Take a floral arrangement class (Complete: 2/21/23 – Denver, Co with Brittany)
  18. Take a swim aerobics class (Complete: 11/14/21 – Denver, CO with Mel, Shari)
  19. Take a pottery class (Complete: 6/6/22 – Denver, CO)
  20. Find a decent white bread recipe that I can make and like (Complete: November 2021 – Denver, CO with Jason)
  21. Make vegan pavlova (Complete: 3/10/22 – Denver, CO with Shari, Carolyn, Dom)
  22. Run a D&D campaign and/or one shot
  23. Host a murder mystery party
  24. Publish a poem (ex. zine, ebook, anthology, literary website) (Complete: December 2021 – Kayla’s Poetry Zine)
  25. Create a macrame piece of art for myself (Complete: March 2022)
  26. Get a massage
  27. Own a Pilea peperomioides (Complete: April 2022 – Green Lady Gardens)
  28. Purchase and wear a colorful wig OR get my hair professionally dyed a bright color
  29. Do something that scares me – boxing, martial arts class, etc (Complete: 1/10/22: Denver, Co – Boxing with Shari!)
  30. Volunteer somewhere on a regular basis for a minimum of 3 months