So many wonderful and fun happenings in my life recently. Shari and I went to our friends, Andy and Jarred’s new home for dinner a couple of weeks ago where Andy made delicious chili and potatoes. You know I’m always a fan of someone else making me dinner plus I wanted to see their place. … More 2-23-23


Remember when I used to write like three times a week? I have two theories as to why I stopped doing that. 1. I have been so busy at work that I haven’t had the energy. 2. Kaitlin moved out of state. I realized yesterday that ever since Kaitlin moved, I haven’t felt quite grounded … More 1-20-23


December has now come and gone and I finally have a few minutes to sit down and reflect on all the fun things I got to do since I last wrote. Shari had Elisabeth and I over in mid-December to watch Gremlins and then a few days later hosted more of us to watch Gremlins … More 1-6-23


This past weekend was, while less eventful, still full and honestly really fun and relaxing. Friday evening Shari and I drove around a couple of neighborhoods looking at Christmas lights. I finally found this one house I had seen last year from behind that I wanted to find and I can say, it was pretty … More 12-19-22


Last weekend was cookie weekend in Cheyenne. Shari, Elisabeth, and I drove up to Cheyenne Friday morning and over a span of two days helped make over 1,000 cookies (that’s about 95 dozen). Going up on Friday was a game changer. It allowed me to not feel as rushed or pressured to make cookies as … More 12-15-22