6-29-20 Party & balcony

Brittany’s birthday party = complete. With Elisabeth’s help, I created quite a lovely charcuterie picnic spread yesterday evening, complete with a build your own peanut butter pickle sandwich station. Did anyone else know that was a thing? It’s one of Brittany’s favorite (and weirdest) combinations, so I had to offer it at the party. Turns … More 6-29-20 Party & balcony


Today has been a task oriented day. I have gotten some reading in though so it wasn’t all go go go. Tomorrow I’m throwing Brittany a picnic birthday party so I had to get stuff for that. I decided I’m going to do a charcuterie spread for her bday dinner since fried cauliflower wings and … More 6-27-20


Today has been a plant heavy day. Before breakfast I transplanted some of my house plants that needed larger homes and gave my new calathea (that I got from the Botanic Gardens) a hand me down pot of its own. The calathea is doing quite well and is opening up its leaves to show off … More 5-17-20


Yesterday I met up with Brittany again to watch a vegan cooking class and wander around Tagawa Gardens for a bit. The cooking class was actually just a chance to try some food and get some new recipes. The host didn’t show us how to cook anything because all her recipes were either for the … More 1-20-20


I haven’t been sleeping very well this past week so when I awoke this morning to the realization that I had slept great, I knew the weekend would be wonderful. Add onto that a lack of side effects from my platelet treatment and the fact that I exercised, I was feeling ecstatic by 8am. And … More 1-4-20


Last night, about an hour after I went to sleep, Elisabeth woke me up to tell me that our building’s fire alarm was going off. Turns out my white noise machine does a great job of blocking out all noise as I hadn’t heard a thing (I’m sleeping the best I’ve ever slept in years, … More 12-9-19