I have covid. Hahaha, how do you bounce off of that sentence? For two years I’ve felt unconsciously or consciously afraid of this virus. I thought, on some level of brazenness, that I would never get it. I’d be able to skip and dodge around it, getting vaccines and boosters until I died happy and … More Covid.

7-23-20 Fam time

Family blog time! Yesterday I had dinner with my family (some really tasty sesame tofu). Last time I had been over there, a couple of weeks ago, Kaitlin had been working on Ollie’s new big boy bed. She and Kevin had purchased this log cabin-style bed from someone nearby and Kaitlin was repainting it and … More 7-23-20 Fam time


Last night ended up being quite joyful. I danced to my music while waiting for Elisabeth to pick me up to go to Felfel (she isn’t a fan of the heat so she didn’t want to walk over). And I made this gif of myself that I quite like. I think I’m really warming up … More 7-18-20

7-17-20 Bats

The bats are still here! Last night I saw them again. Whatever the roof people were doing yesterday it wasn’t killing or trapping them, thankfully. This time around I grabbed my phone and attempted to record their evening flight. At first I was very nervous to get up close, and I jumped back after the … More 7-17-20 Bats