Food and fun

Inspired by EG’s dinner from last Sunday, the housemates and I made chicken nuggets and waffles for our dinner yesterday. What are Friday nights for, right? It was quite tasty, especially since the chicken nuggets were shaped like dinosaurs. Dinosaur chicken nuggets make everything taste better, did you know that they spark childhood joy in … More Food and fun

Weekend happenings

This weekend has been non-stop for me! Saturday morning started with homemade scones, clotted cream, and homemade jam, cause, you know, it’s what you gotta do. A fancy grocery store near my work carries clotted cream so I picked it up Friday afternoon as a surprise to Gene. He always likes the idea of having … More Weekend happenings

Jam & flowers

Yesterday I made homemade jam for the first time. One of my goals this year was to “can some food” and I’d like to think I successfully accomplished it. Making the jam wasn’t difficult at all and it was way faster than I thought it would be (20 minutes on the stove!). I had strawberry … More Jam & flowers


My three day weekend was awesome. It started with celebrating Sidney’s birthday on Friday with some stir fry and watching the new Jumanji movie at home. The mail also delivered two D&D enamel pins I had ordered with Elisabeth months ago and I am happy to say they look just as amazing as the mock-up … More Weekendness

D&D & weekend

Although the original plan for the weekend was to visit my parents, plans changed Friday evening when, less than halfway there, I decided to turn around and go back home.  I was having a stressful time driving down the highway while heavy snow fell towards my car. The roads were bad and I was getting … More D&D & weekend