New year, new decade. What adventures await me? Well, let’s go find out! Happy 2020 to all! I’m so looking forward to this year and all the joyful moments I will experience in it. New Year’s Eve I had a few friends over and we rung in the new year at midnight. We played two … More 2020


Christmas this year was fun, joyful, and exhausting. I went to sleep at 9:35pm that night, no joke. The morning was calm and relaxing as I stayed at home and did some cleaning and took my time in all things. Then I spent seven hours at Kaitlin and Kevin’s home and came home so tired. … More 12-27-19

Christmas Eve

Yesterday was a pretty awesome day. I started steroids again for my low platelet count, just to tide me over until I start my weekly treatment this Friday as I was at an extremely low count on Monday and the doctors were concerned. So I started feeling more confident about my body yesterday once I … More Christmas Eve


Yesterday Elisabeth came to my work for lunch and she brought with her my favorite ricotta pizza! That’s right, she drove all the way downtown to get this pizza for the two of us. The initial plan was that she would get the pizza for me when I was done at the doctor’s, as a … More 12-21-19

Mish Mash Party 2019

Yesterday I hosted a Mish Mash Party. (It’s a thing I made up.) Because we didn’t have Thanksgiving and we were all separated over Christmas and New Year’s, I decided the housemates and I needed to have a day of many celebrations, thus was created the Mish Mash Party. We started the morning with fruit … More Mish Mash Party 2019