My weekend

Yesterday started with Elisabeth and I going to an Iraqi bakery she had read about a few weeks ago – Shahrazad Bakery. She was interested in their flatbread but I was interested in their baklava. I quite love the dessert but find that it’s hard to find really good quality baklava. So imagine how thrilled … More My weekend

Past few days

On Fourth of July, the housemates and I went over to Kaitlin’s house for a few hours to have lunch and spend time with my family. I had an absolute blast. Kaitlin had just purchased a kiddie pool so we got to chill outside and I put my feet in the water as EG and … More Past few days

My day 7-3-19

Today has been an extremely busy day for me. After breakfast I biked to the community garden to water and weed. The tomato and pepper plants are doing really well from what I can tell. They’re growing bigger and the leaves are looking good. My chives and cucumber have still not come up, can I … More My day 7-3-19