My day 7-3-19

Today has been an extremely busy day for me. After breakfast I biked to the community garden to water and weed. The tomato and pepper plants are doing really well from what I can tell. They’re growing bigger and the leaves are looking good. My chives and cucumber have still not come up, can I … More My day 7-3-19

My day 6-24-19

Gene and I are driving to Moab tomorrow for a quick getaway. We’ll do some hiking, a river raft excursion, and just relax, it should be lovely. But since I’ll be gone for a few days, that meant today was the day I made sure my plants were all in order. I planted the Siberian … More My day 6-24-19

Lydia’s visit

Lydia jetted off to her next adventure yesterday morning, leaving behind an upgrade to the catio and a Shindig mural on the wall. Gene and I both like the mural, because our friends and family created it for us, but we could not figure out the best way to hang it up so it sat … More Lydia’s visit

Thanos and plants

Thanos’ infinity gauntlet surprised me Monday morning as my coworker walked around the corner wearing it. Even more surprising was when she set it down on my desk and bestowed it to me. I now have my very own infinity gauntlet. And not only that, but it’s a cup. Clever, huh? I perhaps now posses … More Thanos and plants

DINK & yard work!

This past weekend I went to DINK – Denver Independent Comics Expo – for the first time and had a blast. Two floors of a building were completely filled with comic book writers, comic book artists, and artists in general all selling their wares and chatting it up. While I’m not a big comic reader … More DINK & yard work!