4-29-20 Day 47

Today has been kind of rough emotionally. A couple of my friends were struggling last night and while I’m glad they shared their feelings with me (I do not want them to feel alone), their sharing made me feel sad and it trickled into today and that combined with this whole situation, left me feeling … More 4-29-20 Day 47

4-28-20 Day 46

The Botanic Gardens had their annual plant sale today. Last year I took the day off work, went right when they opened, and strolled the gardens looking at all the plants while my hands froze. I brought a wagon I had borrowed and filled it with plants for the yard. That’s when I bought a … More 4-28-20 Day 46

4-27-20 Day 45

On Friday I allowed myself to wear exercise leggings. I wanted something comfortable and figured I’ve been doing fairly well staying put together so I could let loose a bit this one Friday. I was comfortable, yes, but by the end of the day I changed into jeans because I felt too messy. My brain … More 4-27-20 Day 45

3-31-20 Day 18

Oh my goodness, what a lovely and warm day it was today, and kind of still is. I’m looking out the window right now, enjoying the nice light blue of the sky and the highlighted clouds as the sun shines down. Yesterday evening I looked outside and was hit with the feeling of being a … More 3-31-20 Day 18

3-30-20 Day 17

Most of the day has been quite lovely. I wore one of my favorite skirts and got a decent amount of work done. You know, I take pictures of each work outfit I wear during the work week and post them up here but what I don’t tell you is that generally, within minutes of … More 3-30-20 Day 17

3-28-20 Day 15

Yesterday was a good day. Kaitlin got the medicine she needed Thursday afternoon and was able to sleep for most of the night. I’m hoping she’s over the worst of it now. Just knowing the medicine is helping her makes me feel a lot better. She couldn’t even talk to me on the phone on … More 3-28-20 Day 15

3-23-20 – Day 10

Denver Mayor Hancock has ordered the city “shelter in place”, which means basically what Elisabeth and I have been doing but now we definitely won’t see Brittany until this is over and we won’t be visiting my family until this is over. I felt a little overwhelmed at first but quickly shifted to an optimistic … More 3-23-20 – Day 10