Farmer’s Market

This past Sunday I met up with one of my old co-workers at a farmers market near downtown. It was so nice of her to invite me because my week had been pretty stressful and this was exactly what I needed. This was the first farmer’s market I had been to this year too. I … More Farmer’s Market

Grand Lake Part 2

One day while at Grand Lake, Kaitlin, Kevin, Gene, and I hiked to Cascade Falls. It’s about a three mile hike to the falls and there are some lovely views along the way. Not too far into our hike we ran into two moose. There were a few other people with us who decided it … More Grand Lake Part 2


Back from vacation. It was beautiful, funny, enjoyable, and tiring. I bought a caramel apple, had ice cream dipped in coconut topping, and ate lots of food in general. I went hiking, sat on the porch, and played games. The week went by quickly, faster than I expected it to, and today I was greeted … More Back