Remember when I used to write like three times a week? I have two theories as to why I stopped doing that. 1. I have been so busy at work that I haven’t had the energy. 2. Kaitlin moved out of state. I realized yesterday that ever since Kaitlin moved, I haven’t felt quite grounded … More 1-20-23


This past weekend was, while less eventful, still full and honestly really fun and relaxing. Friday evening Shari and I drove around a couple of neighborhoods looking at Christmas lights. I finally found this one house I had seen last year from behind that I wanted to find and I can say, it was pretty … More 12-19-22


So covid got the better of me for a few days. While most of my symptoms were mild compared to my first bout with it, I still felt vey tired and had to sleep a lot and do very little when I was awake. I’m feeling pretty good today although still a tad tired. I’ll … More 11-28-22

11-22-22 Hey ya’ll!

Hey ya’ll, how’s it been? I’ve been chugging along. Work has been really busy, which has been quite nice but also tiring and means many of my evenings these days are spent watching tv (Expanse, Hacks, A League of Their Own, and Making the Cut, anyone?) and nothing else. Do what you gotta do to … More 11-22-22 Hey ya’ll!


I put up the swinging chair Lydia got me. It only took 2 plus years. I loved sitting in her hanging chairs any time I visited so I felt grateful and excited when she gifted me one of my own. I tried in my previous apartment to find a stud in the ceiling so I … More 8-18-22