Amazon Prime Now

What inevitably happens on Thanksgiving (or the day before), and which happened to me this morning, is that you realize you’ve forgotten something. Something you think is crucial to a great Thanksgiving meal. And then the adventures ensue… Gene and I had decided we’d make a homemade pie this year. The last, and only other, … More Amazon Prime Now

Amazon Treasure Truck

On Thursday, Amazon notified me that their Treasure Truck was in the area and for $10 I could get a bag of candy and a pumpkin. I said “hell yes” because I wanted to try it out (and who doesn’t need candy and pumpkins around this time of year?). For those that don’t know, Amazon’s … More Amazon Treasure Truck

Goodies for me

I got a lot of goodies in the mail today. Totally made up for my long night yesterday. I FINALLY bought myself some kitchen scissors! I had thought about buying them for probably two years now but for some reason just never did. So last Friday, while hanging out with Sidney and Elisabeth online, we … More Goodies for me

Kindle Paperwhite

So, Amazon announced a couple new Kindles the other day. I’m pretty excited about these new kindles, especially the Kindle Paperwhite. Kindles are such cool pieces of technology. And, in my opinion, they’re sold at very decent prices. Here’s what I love about the Kindle Paperwhite from what I’ve heard: Built-in light. Just look at the picture. … More Kindle Paperwhite