Welp, bread dough is in the trash. It did not rise in the three hours I gave it (it was only supposed to take two) so it had to go or I risked an unpleasant tasting loaf. I felt frustrated, annoyed, and angry at first. I was nervous to make it in the first place … More 10/20/19

My Sunday 10-6-19

I had a really fun morning walking around Pearl St. Farmer’s Market with Brittany and Elisabeth yesterday. First off, we parked near some really cool people who had a blow up skeleton t-rex in their yard. Um, yes? Let’s be friends. If I ever have a yard again and lots of spending money, I know … More My Sunday 10-6-19

Apartment living

Elisabeth’s and my apartment is really coming together and I am loving it. Having a clean, beautiful space to come home to and chill in really helps and lifts my mood. The teal couch was a fantastic choice too, fyi. The both of us have done a really exceptional job of keeping our home clean … More Apartment living