5-3-20 Day 51

Last night I was in the baking mood so I made snickerdoodle cookies. They did not turn out soft and puffy like the recipe said but the taste was delicious and the recipe is promising. It was also just fun to make them and to be happy throughout the process. Elisabeth and I danced to … More 5-3-20 Day 51


On Monday, my team and I spent four hours together learning about each other and our work preferences. I came out of it feeling closer to everyone and feeling really optimistic about where our team is heading. The cool thing is, our team is made up of every color preference per this work preference model … More 2-5-20


My Sunday was quite lovely as it included brunch at Kayla’s and sugar cookies at Brittany’s. Elisabeth and I got to visit Kayla’s home again and eat her delicious oatmeal breakfast bake. It is so nice to have other people cook for you! Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy cooking and baking, truly, but it’s … More 12-23-19


Welp, bread dough is in the trash. It did not rise in the three hours I gave it (it was only supposed to take two) so it had to go or I risked an unpleasant tasting loaf. I felt frustrated, annoyed, and angry at first. I was nervous to make it in the first place … More 10/20/19

Muffins and reddit

Saturday was quite nice. I made homemade muffins for the first time in my life. Chocolate chip muffins. I had found this recipe (it’s a youtube video) via reddit (click here for my text version) and since it seemed fairly easy I decided to give it a go. They turned out pretty well, the distribution … More Muffins and reddit

Thanksgiving 2016

Yesterday was a lovely day filled with friends, family, food, and fun (look at all those Fs). Elisabeth and I baked a smores cake, a cake that I had found through reddit, specifically the user BlondeRed. This person had made a delicious looking cake and I decided I wanted to give it a try. Our … More Thanksgiving 2016