Has anyone else noticed how many ant hills there are this year? I haven’t seen this many ant hills in previous years so I’m curious if it’s some kind of Year of the Ant or something. Not all of the ant hills seem to have ants either. There’s just loads and loads of the little … More 5-16-22

5-7-20 Day 55

What happened today? I always try to celebrate the little moments, especially now, but sometimes it’s hard to come up with stuff. Not today though I don’t think. Today I felt cute in my jean dress, cat tights, and converse. Cat tights for the win. I’m still working on wearing clothes that I feel good … More 5-7-20 Day 55

4-28-20 Day 46

The Botanic Gardens had their annual plant sale today. Last year I took the day off work, went right when they opened, and strolled the gardens looking at all the plants while my hands froze. I brought a wagon I had borrowed and filled it with plants for the yard. That’s when I bought a … More 4-28-20 Day 46


The court approved my divorce. I am now officially divorced and single according to the law. Gene and I still need to meet to sign stuff over to one another, so I’m not completely done yet, but I’m extremely close. I found out Friday morning and had mixed feelings. I cried. I still have mixed … More 1-26-20


I haven’t been sleeping very well this past week so when I awoke this morning to the realization that I had slept great, I knew the weekend would be wonderful. Add onto that a lack of side effects from my platelet treatment and the fact that I exercised, I was feeling ecstatic by 8am. And … More 1-4-20