11-15-21 Updates

I crossed another item off my #30 before 40 list! Yesterday, Shari and I met up with our friend, Mel, to take an aqua fitness class at Mel’s gym. Shout out to Mel for offering to go with me. And to Shari for going too. Having them with me made me feel less nervous, and … More 11-15-21 Updates


Welp, bread dough is in the trash. It did not rise in the three hours I gave it (it was only supposed to take two) so it had to go or I risked an unpleasant tasting loaf. I felt frustrated, annoyed, and angry at first. I was nervous to make it in the first place … More 10/20/19


I had my first ever ultrasound this morning. There are pictures out in the world somewhere of my spleen and kidneys now. I kind of like the thought of that. I should learn about what they look like at my doctor’s appointment on Monday. I imagine they’ll be in top shape. The whole thing was … More 10/19/19

My day 8-29-19

Yesterday I ran a bunch of errands, mostly to avoid feeling anxious as Elisabeth is gone the next 7 days in Washington. I haven’t really been alone since Gene and I separated and I feel a bit nervous that these next 7 days are going to test me. So I’ve been trying to schedule time … More My day 8-29-19