My weekend

Yesterday started with Elisabeth and I going to an Iraqi bakery she had read about a few weeks ago – Shahrazad Bakery. She was interested in their flatbread but I was interested in their baklava. I quite love the dessert but find that it’s hard to find really good quality baklava. So imagine how thrilled … More My weekend

Food and fun

Inspired by EG’s dinner from last Sunday, the housemates and I made chicken nuggets and waffles for our dinner yesterday. What are Friday nights for, right? It was quite tasty, especially since the chicken nuggets were shaped like dinosaurs. Dinosaur chicken nuggets make everything taste better, did you know that they spark childhood joy in … More Food and fun

Bread & fondue

Gene made bread! He bought us a new bread machine this past week because our old one had failed the past three times I had used it (it’s a mystery and I had given up on the beast). He did some research (aka checked out The Wire Cutter ’cause that’s our go to research guru, … More Bread & fondue