Yesterday morning Elisabeth and I ate breakfast at Snooze. It’s a popular breakfast chain here in Denver and while I’ve lived here for going on EIGHT years (gasp), I had yet to visit. Honestly, I had thought the love for the restaurant was all just hype and I had no interest in waiting for an … More 3-1-20


I haven’t been sleeping very well this past week so when I awoke this morning to the realization that I had slept great, I knew the weekend would be wonderful. Add onto that a lack of side effects from my platelet treatment and the fact that I exercised, I was feeling ecstatic by 8am. And … More 1-4-20

My weekend

Yesterday I started my morning with kix cereal, orange juice, and the Hygge book Kaitlin let me borrow. I sat out on the balcony while the air was still cool and I flipped through the book, marking which challenges I wanted to try. I made my list and have added a page to this blog … More My weekend

Concert & Brunch

Elisabeth and I got to see Andrea Bocelli in concert Friday evening. The Colorado Symphony accompanied him as well as two guest singers and a violinist. I had such a wonderful time. It took me a few songs to really get into it but then I was into it and loved every following minute. Most … More Concert & Brunch