4-26-21 My weekend

Friday afternoon, Shari and I got off work early, grabbed some Chick-fil-A, and headed over to Cheyenne to spend part of the weekend with her parents. I hadn’t eaten Chick-fil-A in over a year, so eating their fresh french fries dipped in my favorite Polynesian sauce was divine. We went to Wyoming this weekend because … More 4-26-21 My weekend


Last week passed quickly and without much ado. I think perhaps I was recuperating from Brittany’s birthday party last Sunday. And since interacting with humans in person these days is doubling exhausting than pre-covid times, that took me a week. 😉 Yesterday I got to see both Kayla and my family since it was a … More 7-4-20

Thoughts on traffic

For the past two months I’ve noticed that the traffic jam coming home starts earlier than it used to. I used to be able to get to a certain exit before the line of cars piled up, but now it’s normal if I don’t even fully switch highways before it starts. At first I was … More Thoughts on traffic

Science and ice cream!

Well, I wish I could say something exciting has gone in my life…but…it hasn’t. In other news, I’m pregnant! (And it’s not Gene’s) 😉 Anyways, the car’s in the shop cause it’s been bad but thankfully it’s nothing too horrible and it should hopefully be fixed and ready for me tomorrow morning. You’d think that … More Science and ice cream!