New Condo

Less than a week after Shari and I got back from New Orleans (only two full days, actually), we moved into our condo. That means we’ve been here for almost a whole month! Moving was long and stressful, even with movers. Shari was sick. I was exhausted. We pushed through and we got everything set … More New Condo

My day 6-16-19

Yesterday I ate homemade white bread for breakfast (thanks, Gene!), planted the jalapeno plant I got from the community garden the previous day, and then dashed out into the world. I made a very quick stop at the community garden to water my seeds and then headed to the Denver Cat Company to meet with … More My day 6-16-19

Day 209. Kora!

About a week ago, my sister, Kaitlin, and her husband, Kevin, rescued a stray cat. The poor thing was howling in the middle of the night in freezing weather. The two caught the cat and brought her inside for the night. They took her to a vet the next day to see if she was … More Day 209. Kora!