Tis Christmas Season

Look who’s being a naughty boy and trying to eat the Christmas tree… He was trying to climb it a day ago and now he’s just causing general havoc around it. I get it, it’s a giant thing that just popped up into the middle of our room out of nowhere. I’d be interested in … More Tis Christmas Season

Christmas tree time

It’s beginning to look like Christmas in this house. And by that I mean we have decorated for Christmas – the Christmas tree and a few other items are up and it looks so lovely. I really do like how the Christmas tree looks. While down in the basement today, Pippin was exploring and made … More Christmas tree time

O Christmas tree

I moved my Christmas tree from my family room to my living room today. Because it’s a cheap one from Wal-Mart it’s light enough for me to carry the whole thing at once. Score! And now I can look at my tree while I’m on my computer, which is a good portion of the time, … More O Christmas tree

Merry Christmas

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas. Gene and I spent the afternoon at Kaitlin and Kevin’s. Had a great time and will write about it tomorrow. Now is the time for milk and cookies and curling up under a warm blanket. Merry Christmas everyone!