Don’t Starve

A couple of weekends ago I bought myself a computer game – Don’t Starve. I had played the cooperative game, Don’t Starve Together, with the housemates off and on but never quite enough to my liking. But with this single player game I can play as much as I want, when I want. The game centers … More Don’t Starve

Journey, a game

Yellow sand that sparkles with the huge sun, flying pieces of red fabric that come together to form giant sea creatures that fly in the sky, uncovered ruins of a forgotten civilization. This is the world of Journey, a game that I finished playing a few days ago. Play as a person dressed in a … More Journey, a game

Day 327. WildStar pictures

Yesterday I got to play WildStar with my friends. Now that the game has been released, it was time for us to make  new characters and start playing. Since I really like the game, I’ll probably be sharing screenshots fairly often. Here are some from last night: