The Nigerian egusi stew and fufu turned out pretty delicious yesterday! The picture definitely doesn’t do the taste justice. I was too excited to try it that I didn’t really care about getting closer or making it look pretty. The stew is on the right and the fufu is on the left in the picture. … More 2-8-21

12-23-20 My Weekend

This past weekend I went to Shari’s parents’ house with her to bake cookies. They have a yearly tradition of baking a gigantic amount of cookies that they then make into platters and give out to friends, family, and coworkers. When Shari told me that they make between 100 and 200 dozen cookies in a … More 12-23-20 My Weekend


Sunday was a pretty great day for me. I made some cookie dough, took care of my plants, and then went to H Mart to grab ingredients for two new dishes Elisabeth and I are going to try over the next few days. My trip to H Mart was way less stressful than it was … More 6-23-20

5-3-20 Day 51

Last night I was in the baking mood so I made snickerdoodle cookies. They did not turn out soft and puffy like the recipe said but the taste was delicious and the recipe is promising. It was also just fun to make them and to be happy throughout the process. Elisabeth and I danced to … More 5-3-20 Day 51


On Monday, my team and I spent four hours together learning about each other and our work preferences. I came out of it feeling closer to everyone and feeling really optimistic about where our team is heading. The cool thing is, our team is made up of every color preference per this work preference model … More 2-5-20