My Sunday was quite lovely as it included brunch at Kayla’s and sugar cookies at Brittany’s. Elisabeth and I got to visit Kayla’s home again and eat her delicious oatmeal breakfast bake. It is so nice to have other people cook for you! Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy cooking and baking, truly, but it’s … More 12-23-19

Surprises x2

Yesterday evening I discovered that my dad was in Denver at a baseball game so I convinced him to come over for dinner! It was such a nice surprise. He was a great sport too as we were having tofu in peanut sauce with snap peas and cauliflower, a dish I know he would not … More Surprises x2

Christmas fun

Yesterday, Gene and I went to Kaitlin and Kevin’s for an afternoon of Christmas dinner, game playing, opening presents, and eating cookies. I got Tetris Jenga from Kaitlin and Kevin as well as some really cool, colorful socks. Gene got 10 different flavors of hot sauce! Is it surprising to say that I’m actually interested … More Christmas fun