I surprised Kaitlin at her home on Thursday. She does so much and is so thoughtful and loving to others that I wanted to do something nice for her. I also wanted to see her because I love her so it wasn’t 100% selfless but I’ll take what I can get. Showing people that I … More 5-16-20


Monday after work, Elisabeth and I drove to Tagawa Gardens’ parking lot to meet Brittany so she could show me the art piece I had commissioned from her. I had seen a rough sketch of the piece but not the finished, colored product. Upon seeing the completed portrait, I was astounded. Amazed. Shocked. She drew … More 5-13-20


No more counting days. I saw my family yesterday, breaking my isolation, so I think that means I can stop counting. Is covid over? Definitely not. I won’t be doing pre-covid things, I won’t be seeing all the people I used to see, but I will start to see my family more and a friend … More 5-10-20

5-7-20 Day 55

What happened today? I always try to celebrate the little moments, especially now, but sometimes it’s hard to come up with stuff. Not today though I don’t think. Today I felt cute in my jean dress, cat tights, and converse. Cat tights for the win. I’m still working on wearing clothes that I feel good … More 5-7-20 Day 55

5-6-20 Day 54

Well, I tried making vegan blondies last night, inspired by The Melting Pot fondue Elisabeth and I are getting this Friday (they have vegan chocolate and vegan cheese options!). I say “tried” because they aren’t very good. As I told Elisabeth last night, “Vegan baking will NOT get the best of me!” I don’t quite … More 5-6-20 Day 54

5-4-20 Day 52

I enjoyed my tofu bahn mi yesterday evening. I mention it because I could only find firm tofu at the store the other day and we’ve only ever made this dish with extra firm tofu before, so I was a little hesitant. Turns out that the firm tofu, while harder to cook, was really good, … More 5-4-20 Day 52

5-3-20 Day 51

Last night I was in the baking mood so I made snickerdoodle cookies. They did not turn out soft and puffy like the recipe said but the taste was delicious and the recipe is promising. It was also just fun to make them and to be happy throughout the process. Elisabeth and I danced to … More 5-3-20 Day 51