Last week passed quickly and without much ado. I think perhaps I was recuperating from Brittany’s birthday party last Sunday. And since interacting with humans in person these days is doubling exhausting than pre-covid times, that took me a week. 😉 Yesterday I got to see both Kayla and my family since it was a … More 7-4-20

My day – 6/14/18

My morning started with eating breakfast outside and then pulling weeds while Pippin wandered the yard. I loved it. I say this all the time but being outside really improves a person’s mood. There’s still more work to do with the yard but just having plants around makes it instantly look nicer. I’ve started letting … More My day – 6/14/18

Back to work I go

First day back to work since my luxurious 1 ½ week break. Getting up early was a bit difficult but I did it and on top of that I exercised with Elisabeth. Going a week and a half without exercising was definitely not the smartest idea, oh how quickly my body starts to revert back … More Back to work I go

Tasty dinner

Tonight my dinner looked especially photo worthy. Frozen tilapia from Costco with cajun seasoning and lemon. So simple but came out delicious.