Halloween rats

The Halloween rats at my work continue to grow. They sit behind me on a cabinet and bring joy to those who pass by. A coworker had the idea to dress them up for Halloween and now we have rats dressed as a witch, mummy, princess, pumpkin, and spider. The spider is a new addition … More Halloween rats


Halloween has been so fun so far. I dressed up as Minnie Mouse and almost my entire department got into Halloween and dressed up as well. We seemed to be the only ones in our building, minus a few others, that dressed up, which is sad considering we work in education and “Fun” is one … More Halloween

Halloween at work

My department had a Halloween-themed meeting yesterday. Since the meeting fell on the day before Halloween and one of Denver Public School’s mottoes is “Fun” we had a costume contest and brought in sweets to share. I made chocolate chip cookies and pumpkin bread. Although I didn’t dress up, I did end up getting my face painted a … More Halloween at work