I have covid. Hahaha, how do you bounce off of that sentence? For two years I’ve felt unconsciously or consciously afraid of this virus. I thought, on some level of brazenness, that I would never get it. I’d be able to skip and dodge around it, getting vaccines and boosters until I died happy and … More Covid.


I surprised Kaitlin at her home on Thursday. She does so much and is so thoughtful and loving to others that I wanted to do something nice for her. I also wanted to see her because I love her so it wasn’t 100% selfless but I’ll take what I can get. Showing people that I … More 5-16-20


Monday after work, Elisabeth and I drove to Tagawa Gardens’ parking lot to meet Brittany so she could show me the art piece I had commissioned from her. I had seen a rough sketch of the piece but not the finished, colored product. Upon seeing the completed portrait, I was astounded. Amazed. Shocked. She drew … More 5-13-20


No more counting days. I saw my family yesterday, breaking my isolation, so I think that means I can stop counting. Is covid over? Definitely not. I won’t be doing pre-covid things, I won’t be seeing all the people I used to see, but I will start to see my family more and a friend … More 5-10-20

5-7-20 Day 55

What happened today? I always try to celebrate the little moments, especially now, but sometimes it’s hard to come up with stuff. Not today though I don’t think. Today I felt cute in my jean dress, cat tights, and converse. Cat tights for the win. I’m still working on wearing clothes that I feel good … More 5-7-20 Day 55

5-6-20 Day 54

Well, I tried making vegan blondies last night, inspired by The Melting Pot fondue Elisabeth and I are getting this Friday (they have vegan chocolate and vegan cheese options!). I say “tried” because they aren’t very good. As I told Elisabeth last night, “Vegan baking will NOT get the best of me!” I don’t quite … More 5-6-20 Day 54